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The 3-stage filter unit for wall mounting enables simple respirable air processing. (more...)

The spark protection protects the user from flying sparks and radiant heat. (more...)

 The heat exchanger adjusts the temperature of the breathing air to the needs of the user. (more...)

The breathing air supply from bottles ventilates protective suits an masks from compressed air bottles. (more...)

The CIRRUS particle sampler can be equipped with the hose extension. (more...)

Our proven breathing air treatment AIR-BOY for two ventilated protective suits presents itself in a new look. (more...)

A hand wiper is also available for selection for the screening test to pick up particulate radioactive contamination. (more...)

For the Decont pads a telescope wiper is also available to pick up particulate radioactive contamination not only next to the user. (more...)

The test quantometer enables the quantometer present in the particle sampler to be checked. (more...)

The Working tent of our shielding systems can also be equipped with solid doors. (more...)

 For a customer we built our mobile glove box on his chassis. (more...)

So you are safe: with the SAFEGUARD breathing air monitor you know what you are breathing. (more...)

We have developed a special Filter station AIR-JET for four ventilated protective suits on customer request. (more...)

The new flow meter helps the user of our ventilated suit know exactly how much air they are getting. (more...)

The proven pressure test couplings show the user of our ventilated suit with which pressure his suit is fed at the end of the air line. (more...)

  Useful addition: products from deconta Gerätetechnik AG are compatible with Pedi range (more...)

  When it's counting: Air sampling with volume preselection (more...)

  Everything from one source: Pedi AG advances to specialist dealer for Dräger products (more...)

  Half suit CERBERUS: The guard dog against particulate radioactive contamination, chemical substances or infectious agents (more...)

  Useful completion of the product range: Pedi AG represents FEVDI Nuclear Expert in Switzerland on an exclusive base (more...)

  Protective covers: Quarantine for sensitizing substances (more...)

  Mobile shielding assures safely work in a polluted environment (more...)

  Protective suits from Pedi AG also protect against viruses and bacteria (more...)

  The dry protective suits PEGASUS let horses grow wings (more...)


Protection for Human and Environment

Protection for Human and Environment

We are specialized in development, manufacturing and sales of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), working tents and shielding systems as used in the nuclear, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and during dismantling and renovation works. Our products protect your employees as well as the environment.

Ob Konfektionierung, Versand oder Service (blau)

Manufacturing, shipping or service: More and more customers worldwide trust the experienced specialists of Pedi AG.

Technology and Handwork
Technology and Handwork

Technology and Handwork

Careful manual work and continuous development give us the necessary advantage to meet the increasing requirements on safety products.

Die Pedi AG entwickelt in Zusammarbeit mit Anwendern (blau)

After decades of cooperation with the users, the products of Pedi AG combine highest reliability, proverbial robustness and reassuring safety.

Quality made in Oberentfelden
Quality made in Oberentfelden

Quality made in Oberentfelden

A pronounced quality awareness, a consistent orientation to the customers as well as the sustainable handling towards environment and ressources form the basis for our most important asset: The trust of our customers.

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